About the Journal

"Archives of the History and Philosophy of Medicine" is a periodical founded in 1924 on the initiative of Professor Adam Wrzosek. Over the years, the journal has changed its name, editors-in-chief and layout, but still remains one of the few scientific specialized titles published periodically on a global scale. From the very beginning, it has become the most important Polish scientific journal on the history and philosophy of medicine.

"Archives of the History and Philosophy of Medicine" publishes scientific articles on the history and philosophy of medicine.

The journal has an international editorial team. It is the organ of The Polish Society for the History of Philosophy and Medicine and is currently published as a yearbook by Polihymnia Music Publishing House of Lublin. Articles are archived in Google Scholar. The archive is not published for profit, and advertising is not included in the pages.

The price of one issue is 200 PLN. Please send orders to the editorial address.

Editorial address

Archives of the History and Philosophy of Medicine
2/3 Gorczyczewskiego St.
60-554 Poznan
e-mail: ae.grzybowski@gmail.com
phone: 512359821

Editorial Board

Andrzej Grzybowski - Editor-in-Chief
Włodzimierz Witczak - Deputy Editor
Jarosław Sak - Deputy Editor

Karel Černý (Czech Republic), Robert Feibel (USA), Andrzej Felchner (Poland), Czesław Jeśman (Poland), Vaida Kamuntavičienė (Lithuania), Karoly Kapronczay (Hungary), Andrzej Kierzek (Poland), Aleksandra Kładna (Poland), Jacek Kotuła (Poland), Eugeniusz Kucharz (Poland), Christopher Leffler (USA), Halina Lichocka (Poland), Donatella Lippi (Italy), Marta Nadraga (Ukraine), Agnieszka Polak (Poland), Janusz Skalski (Poland), Ewa Skrzypek (Poland), Adam Szarszewski (Poland), Bożena Urbanek (Poland), George M. Weisz (Australia).